Luiten is a production company for fresh meat products. One of their products is a typical Dutch delicatessen called Tartare Americain. To promote this product for the UK market, Four Corners approached me to create a promotional video.


The main objective for the project was to create a video that introduced Tartare Americain in the most appealing way to an audience that wasn’t familiar with the product.


While writing the script in collaboration with Four Corners, we discovered that to properly introduce the product we had to explain some of the history. Taking inspiration from old magazine illustrations I created a visual style which blended 3D animation with 2D shading. Combining this style with a fresh colour palette gave the film a playful and modern look.

Client: Luiten
Agency: Four Corners

Character animation: Ruben Wiltink
Sound design: Topvoice
Concept/ Art Direction/ Motion Design: Ton Mikkers