Stekker in het Park is an electronic music festival with a line up of cutting edge  electronic artists from all over the world. It’s a fun little festival for real fans of electronic music and considered a gem for insiders. Organiser MKRS was looking for someone to create a line up trailer and I happily took on this project.


The trailer was used in social to trigger appeal for the festival. Therefore it was important that the visual style would be in tune with the rest of the marketing.


The festival is held in the middle of summer and the artwork created by Fabian van den Brand extends the sunny and festive atmosphere.With the artwork in mind I came up with a colourful particle space in which musical object are created with these particles. The logo of the festival is a power plug (stekker) and I used the cord to connect al the objects together. This created a nice way to come back to the power plug and end the trailer with the key visual of the festival.

Client: MKRS
Music: Pitto - Let's Do It Again
Artwork: Fabian van den Brand