The history of Afghanistan is complicated and long. Dutch documentary "Onze missie in Afghanistan" explores the relationship between the Dutch peace missions and the impact they had on Afghanistan. Butch and Sundance asked me to create a video to provide some context for the documentary.


There was an enormous amount of information about the time period we wanted to cover. The first task was to filter all the non essential bits out and only show the events that provided information relevant to the story of the documentary.

We quickly discovered that a single timeline would not suffice in creating enough context. Therefore we created three timelines to show different angles.


Looking at military interfaces and old newspapers, I created a style that is both dramatic and has factual, news feel to it. By adding 3D backgrounds to the timelines, I was able to create emphasis on some events as well as creating a world for all the elements to inhabit.

Client: Butch and Sundance Media
Audio: Minco Eggersman