Infographic Trouw


Lighthouse Reports focuses on stories from the frontiers of conflict and peace. They have a unique approach on covering the news, moving conventional journalism to a new level.

Together with them I collaborated on a story for Dutch newspaper Trouw. We decided that motion graphics would be the perfect way to explain the complex situation Syria is in.


Based on the story outline written by Ludo Hekman I created a visual approach and outline of the video. The piece was used in social as a trigger to read the full story in the paper. So it had to be visually appealing and have a clear sense of communication.


For this moving infographic I took inspiration from old maps and blended this with the icon and refreshed style of the newspaper Trouw.  By choosing a clear color palette, the video has a fresh style and at the same time has the familiar graphic quality we know from maps and charts.

Client: Trouw
Agency: Lighthouse Reports