Ikea Foundation


There are still one billion people in the world living without electricity. The Ikea Foundation is helping them by providing sustainable energy. This was the story that the foundation was eager to share. 


Mister Lee created a wonderful script and storyboard together with Bolt Graphics. I was asked to bring these stills to life with my motion design and animation skills. 


The message of the film is a positive one, therefore the film should be have similar positive vibe. The bright colorsceme that we meticulously applied to the whole film created an uplifting esthetic. In combination with our 12 year old voice over artist and authentic music, the film clearly achieves its objective.    

Client:                                   Ikea Foundation
Agency:                                Mister Lee
Art Direction:                      Martijn Rijven
Motion Design:                   Ton Mikkers

Character Modelling:        Louise van Putten
Character Animation:       Edwin van het Bolscher
Music & Sound Design:     Fran Mej